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Capturing Knowledge Capital

“conceptClassifier for SharePoint has enabled us to realize the potential of search improvements in SharePoint 2010. Our adoption of conceptClassifier for SharePoint has helped us take the improvement of search results out of the back room of IT and make it a shared responsibility between our content experts and content matter experts. This is showing us the way forward with future additional search developments on our intranet.”

Joel Register,
Senior Developer

 Perhaps no other industry is more dependent on maximizing the use of information assets and knowledge capital than professional services and consulting organizations.  The inability to effectively manage knowledge and utilize these knowledge assets can result in a high cost to the firm. Of equal importance is protecting client information from misuse and the ability to manage project risk with secure information sharing. Knowledge workers spend 25% of their time searching for information and 15% of their time duplicating information that already exists.  This inability to find knowledge assets for re-use inhibits thought leadership, productivity, quality, and can result in a loss of clients and ultimately a loss of revenues.

The business imperatives driving these issues are:

  • Poor metadata processes and management
  • Information overload with irrelevant results from enterprise search engines
  • Lowering the costs associated with compliance and records management
  • Ensuring the security of client, project, and  firm confidential information
Concept Searching’s solutions resolve the challenges in managing and finding knowledge assets.  Providing a complete solution including automatic semantic metadata generation, automated classification, and feature rich taxonomy tools the end result is a powerful framework that improves the management and access to unstructured information.   As the only statistical classification technology that uses semantic metadata generation to extract concepts from information the end result is an enterprise metadata repository used by professional services firm to improve search, compliance, records management, and the ability to leverage information capital.

Many of the premier professional services firms have realized the benefits of using conceptClassifier with FAST to significantly improve findability and add the needed structure to manage and utilize metadata for business advantages.

For more information about this topic, please read our ‘Empowering Knowledge in Professional Services’ whitepaper.