Energy & Utilities

Powering Energy and Utilities Now and in the Future

The Energy and Utilities industry has undergone rapid changes over the past few years.  Rocketing oil prices, the economic crisis, deregulation, and climate change policies have significantly altered the traditional business model.

Not only facing external challenges, it is estimated that over the next ten years more than 50% of the workforce will be eligible for retirement, resulting in  a a loss of intellectual assets in an industry that is already facing a higher cost base and driven to do more with less.  The business imperative driving these issues are:

  • Capturing and re-using of knowledge
  • Eliminating delays in collecting relevant information and documentation
  • Improving governance and retention capabilities
  • Ensuring regulatory, risk, and compliance processes are effective
  • Identifying and protecting security exposures

Concept Searching provides the knowledge management tools to deliver optimal business outcomes. Maximizing the value of knowledge capital means that it must be able to be found and more importantly be relevant.  Providing innovative and proven technologies, Concept Searching automatically identifies concepts in content as it is ingested or created.  When the rich multi-term metadata has been identified, automatic or manual classification is used to add the multi-word terms, acronyms, and keywords to the taxonomy.  Our robust and easy-to-use taxonomy management has been shown to reduce taxonomy development and maintenance by up to 80%.  Deriving value from the clients’ own content enables the use of industry specific and organization nomenclature to be easily be incorporated into the taxonomies. Concept Searching’s solutions can power the integrated utility now and in the future.

Need to read more?  Our Capitalizing on Unstructured Content in the Energy Sector White PaperEnergy Sector Overview, and our Energy Challenges and Solutions provide a wealth of information on how we have solved problems just like yours. 

See conceptClassifier for SharePoint in action at Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO). Read about it here.