Government – Public Sector

Getting Knowledge To The Right People, At the Right Time, and in the Right Format

Although technologies can improve government on-line initiatives the real goal is to deliver value, whether internally or externally to a variety of constituents.  The challenge has been to identify technologies that can be deployed to create a transformation in the culture and structure of government in order to create sustainable and measurable benefits. The essence of knowledge management is to provide strategies to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time and in the right format.  Providing seamless integrated online services enables users to interact with the government as a single organization.

The business imperatives driving these issues are:

  • Inability to satisfy citizen and stakeholder requirements and requests
  • Poor search tools lacking the ability to find relevant content
  • Increased costs to manage and integrate content
  • Inefficient sharing and exchange of data

Concept Searching’s solutions can be the catalyst to improve access to unstructured information, encourage innovation, and deliver real benefits to government entities, their constituents, and stakeholders. Concept Searching provides innovative tools that help government entities find the information they need quickly and cost effectively. As the only statistical metadata generation and automatic classification software company in the world, we provide concept extraction and the automatic generation of  metadata, significantly improving access to unstructured information. Providing tools for search, automatic metadata generation, automatic classification, and taxonomy management, government agencies who are seeking to reduce costs and facilitate the management and access to unstructured content can now achieve quantifiable improvements.