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The Concept Searching Advantage

“Our previous system restricted our access to the information by a factor of at least 50%. Something that would have taken weeks is now taking just a few days. Furthermore, the intelligence in the search has meant that sometimes the database will link papers that we wouldn’t have linked in a million years. I am confident now that we don’t skip or ignore important information.”

T. Longland, CVO, OBE, Brigadier (Retd)
Defence, Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC)


Just Released:  Presented at KMWorld 2012 as a follow on to “Leveraging Organizational Knowledge” and “KM Driven Collaboration” the Air Force Medical Service delivered “Aligning Enterprise Information Governance & Content” as the final of its three part series on how it has been using metadata since 2005 as a driving force to operationalize various aspects of it Knowledge, Information, and Records Management programs.

Concept Searching’s technologies are deployed today across a wide number of organizations both on the SIPR and NIPR networks as well as the DISA network and has defense clients with more than 70,000 users accessing one single application globally.

While not dedicated to the Microsoft platform Concept Searching is Microsoft’s only Managed Partner that delivers taxonomy management and auto-classification technology integrated with SharePoint 2010 that is certified for enterprise deployment across the DoD. Clients such as the US Air Force, the US Army, and the US Army Medical Command have all selected Concept Searching as their solution to manage unstructured content.

  • Proven deployments within the Department of Defense
  • Current Enterprise Authority to Operate (ATO) U.S. Air Force
  • Current Enterprise Certificate of Networthiness (CON) U.S. Army
  • Deployed on the SIPR, NIPR, and DISA Networks

Since 2004 Concept Searching has been providing seamless integrated services with multiple knowledge, information, and records management platforms enabling end-users to interact with the their content in a proactive manner while significantly reducing organizational cost and risk.

Transferring Raw Information Into Actionable Knowledge

Intelligence and defense professionals are faced with using massive amounts of information from multiple internal and external repositories to make decisions which may be a life-and-death situation on a daily basis.  Hampered by poor processes, potentially little access to other sources such as external or other intelligence organizations slows the sharing of key information across agencies and slows the analysis process preventing actionable knowledge.  The business imperatives driving these issues are:

  • Lack of speed and access to relevant information
  • Poor search tools
  • No information transparency across other agencies or external sources
  • Inability to respond quickly to a critical situation due to a lack of knowledge and information
  • No knowledge framework and lack of integration between content management and business process

Although technologies can improve government initiatives the real goal is to deliver value while reducing risk. Within a large enterprise, the challenge has been to identify technologies that can leverage an organization’s existing IT portfolio and facilitate a cultural transformation within that organization in order to create sustainable and measurable benefits.  The essence of knowledge, information, and records management is to deliver secure, controlled, and actionable information that can support the war fighter yet at the same time can be stored and preserved in accordance with federal guidelines.

Defense and Intelligence organizations deploying SharePoint 2010 and are also looking to improve information transparency, eliminate data security breaches, improve governance and manage records in line with federal guidelines will find Concept Searching’s integrated platform  solves a wide range of problems. The technologies have been successfully deployed at other branches within the DOD and intelligence services and are realizing quantifiable results.

Concept Searching delivers secure, controlled, and actionable information that is stored and preserved in accordance with federal guidelines to the Intelligence and Defense communities.

For more information read our white paper ’21st Century Government – Mission Support through Technology Innovation’.