Finance OLD

Proactively Managing Risk, Compliance, & Governance

The financial industry has always faced significant challenges from increasing market share, improving compliance, and simplifying records management.  Coupled with the current climate of economic turmoil, specifically in the finance industry, organizations are looking for a more strategic approach to leverage information as corporate assets that can be used to increase delivery speed, reduce costs associated with risk management and compliance, improve operational efficiencies and organizational agility.  The business imperatives driving these issues are:

  • Inability to quickly retrieve relevant content because it is not meta-tagged correctly
  • Increased regulatory and compliance scrutiny coupled with the inability to manage an ever increasing amount of content
  • Heightened risk of data exposures that remain unidentified
  • Lack of business processes that focus solely on automatic application of policies for content

Concept Searching is being used within the financial industry to solve a wide range of issues.  Providing the ability to automatically generate conceptual metadata as content is created or ingested, automatic or manual classification, and robust and easy-to-use taxonomy management tools designed for the Subject Matter Expert help financial companies quickly find relevant information and retain and safeguard increasing amounts of content.  Concept Searching technologies improve search efficiency, business process management, compliance efforts and provides solutions to your challenges.