Search, eDiscovery, and FOIA

Can you live without enterprise search?  Chances are you already do.

Whether you are looking to improve your existing search engine or replace it, Concept Searching technologies provide the solution you are looking for.  Through automatic semantic metadata generation as content is created or ingested, the rich concepts can be used by your existing search solution. With auto-classification from diverse repositories, and easy-to-use taxonomy management tools, Concept Searching is used by companies around the world to transform their content into knowledge assets.

If you depend on search for eDiscovery, litigation support, or FOIA processing, poor search can incur high organizational costs. Regardless of how you use search, on your web site or in your enterprise, the ability to deliver relevant and precise information is your organizations’ most effective tool.

The business imperatives driving these issues are:

  • End users do not tag content correctly, if at all
  • Increased costs in eDiscovery, litigation support, and FOIA processing
  • Hard to use and often complicated search features, where users are non-productive or abandon the search
  • Costs associated with recreating content and poor decision making
  • Irrelevant results typically based on keywords

Concept Searching product platforms all include our still unique compound term processing technology, or the ability to generate multi-term metadata that forms a concept. In addition, core components in all products include auto-classification and taxonomy management. Built for the Subject Matter Expert, the taxonomy management tools offer interactive and powerful features to manage your content today and in the future.