Enterprise Metadata Repository

Looking for an ROI of 38% to 600%?

The role of metadata has been transformed from being an afterthought to a fundamental requirement for organizational growth, profitability, and risk reduction.  The term itself is abstract and not widely understood by business users.

Creating metadata repositories and taxonomies that are optimized for the organization is challenging, as each participant in the process, and every end user may have a different way of expressing the same or similar descriptors (metadata).  The goal is to not only to give people the right information, but distilled from a variety of distinct content making available useable knowledge. The metadata repository should serve as the common framework that can be used to deploy intelligent metadata enabled solutions in the business areas of search, records management, cyber security and data privacy, intelligent migration, legal and eDiscovery, text analytics, social networking applications, collaboration, and content management.

For many organizations, content exists in numerous locations and on diverse sources and data is often replicated across various silos.  Most organizations face the challenge of inconsistent tagging of documents and content due to inconsistent human behavior resulting in the inability to find relevant information to support business objectives. When they do focus on leveraging metadata it is typically a siloed approach and application layers are added to the platform environment, adding complexity and increased costs.

Concept Searching provides robust and industry unique tools that help you build and maintain metadata repositories and taxonomies easily and rapidly. The technologies deliver automatic conceptual metadata generation, automated classification, and taxonomy management. Through automatic generation of multi-word metadata that represents concepts, auto-classification from diverse repositories, and reducing taxonomy development by up to 80% as compared to traditional tools you can quickly achieve your ROI. The extendability of the technologies renders it applicable to any application that requires metadata and operates in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment. Still an industry unique solution, the ability to manage content enables your organization to maximize your information capital to deliver business results.