Concept Searching’s technologies have been proven to be highly effective both as a horizontal and vertical business solution.  Many organizations, regardless of industry, are facing challenges with search, records management, compliance, protection of security assets, developing an enterprise metadata repository, and migration.

From a vertical perspective, any organization who places high value on knowledge assets and is dependent on maximizing the use of these assets to achieve business goals has discovered the effectiveness of our technologies.  This includes small organizations who are subject to stringent government mandates, to global firms who need access to relevant information as a core business process such as Professional Services, Legal, Finance, Healthcare, Internet Business, and Government.

The reason Concept Searching’s technologies are embraced by so many organizations is based not only on the technology, which is still unique in the industry, but also on the rapid deployment, ease-of use, low human resource costs, and a strong ROI.

Regardless of your industry or organizational challenge, we invite you to explore how our technologies can solve your business challenges.