Product and Industry Webcast Series

The bulk of the series is SharePoint related, and offers viewers an understanding of both the business and technical approaches that must be understood to fully leverage metadata in either an on-premise or a cloud environment, specifically Office 365. These webcasts fill a need in the marketplace to educate viewers on the best approaches and pitfalls relating to enterprise metadata management.

We hope you find these insightful.


Integration across SharePoint on-premise, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business Demo
OneDrive for Business Demo


Microsoft SharePoint – Native versus Non-native Solutions
This webcast enables viewers to obtain an overall understanding of why organizations should be evaluating the reasons to fully leverage the capabilities of an information management system, such as SharePoint 2010, 2013, and Microsoft’s ‘off-premise’ platform Office 365. In addition, the business benefits are discussed, and the question that many decision makers at the executive level ask their IT staff “do we really need a ‘tagging’ solution?” is answered.

Microsoft SharePoint Term Store and Managed Metadata Services
This webcast looks at how the SharePoint Term Store and Managed Metadata Services deliver advanced foundation capability above and beyond existing tagging solutions. It examines what Concept Searching provides to enable the streamlining of manual SharePoint processes, to drive the full utilization of native SharePoint enterprise capabilities.

conceptClassifier for SharePoint Differentiators
This is a product webcast about conceptClassifier for SharePoint, and highlights three important capabilities that set Concept Searching technologies apart from others. It provides advice to organizations that are evaluating integrated taxonomy management solutions for SharePoint.

Office 365

conceptClassifier for SharePoint Online & Office 365 Technology Differentiators
conceptClassifier for Office 365 is currently the only solution available that fully addresses information governance in an Office 365 or hybrid environment. This presentation explains how conceptClassifier for Office 365 interacts with Microsoft’s ‘off-premise’ platform Office 365, and provides an understanding of why conceptClassifier for Office 365 addresses key challenges that organizations are evaluating before moving to the cloud.

OneDrive for Business

conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business
This short demonstration shows how Concept Searching can automatically apply metadata, classify, apply policies and take action on content residing in OneDrive for Business. The solution integrates with the conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptClassifier for Office 365 platforms and is an important component for any enterprise looking to roll out OneDrive for Business and maintain information governance thereby reducing risk to the organization.

Managed Metadata Environment

Concept Searching’s conceptTaxonomyManager
In this webcast, using conceptTaxonomyManager, various paths that have been taken by organizations in an effort to create a managed metadata environment are compared and contrasted. These approaches not only increase data transparency and findability, but also enable the implementation of an automated information governance compliance framework for organizations.

Searching with Metadata and Searching without Metadata
This webcast looks at how Concept Searching’s conceptTaxonomyManager, a core component in all platforms can be used to deliver high- precision search results, while at the same time build a managed metadata environment.