conceptClassifier for Office 365


Concept Searching’s Smart Content Framework™ and conceptClassifier improves the ability to manage unstructured content, in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment and addresses the major concerns of security, compliance, privacy protection, managing big data, and real-time synchronization of content with the term store. “

Martin Garland
President, Concept Searching

Why Deploy Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 provides enterprises subscription based cloud versions of Microsoft’s key business products. This includes Microsoft Office, Exchange, SharePoint and Lync.

Benefits of Office 365:

  • Organizations do not have to maintain the IT function in-house
  • Can provision a collaborative environment in Minutes / Hours rather than Days/Months
  • Large enterprises with a dispersed workforce can access these applications regardless of where they are located or how they are connected
  • Flexible deployment of business, collaboration, and communication applications based on the needs of the organization

Some Considerations When Deploying Microsoft Office 365:

Microsoft continues to focus on the term store within SharePoint as a key component in managing unstructured content.

Why Deploy conceptClassifier with Office 365?

  • No ability in Office 365 to automatically meta-tag and classify content to the term store
  • No ability to automatically create managed metadata site columns based upon the term sets
  • No ability to automatically populate managed metadata columns with metadata tagged to documents
  • No ability to automatically identify and tag documents of record based on metadata
  • No ability to identify and tag sensitive information for action to be taken
  • No ability to automate the alignment of Term Sets to organizational content
  • No ability to automate the testing, validation and maintenance of term sets

conceptClassifier and Office 365 – An Enterprise Class Solution

The full feature set of the conceptClassifier for SharePoint product suite is available for Office 365. Available as a cloud only solution, on-premise, or in a combined environment, managing the term sets, synchronizing the term store with the corporate taxonomies in the conceptTaxonomyManager component, and auto-classifying content enables effective management of unstructured content by applying the same information governance policies in all environments.  In any environment metadata driven policy actions on content such as in migration, identification of sensitive information or in the identification of documents of record, content can be moved automatically to the environment of choice.

Read conceptClassifier Office 365 Integration for more information.