conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2007

Maximizing the Management of Unstructured Content

conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2007 is a portal-based platform for collaboratively creating, managing and sharing documents and Web services. SharePoint 2007 is still in use by many enterprises as a content management system (CMS) and as a method to organize business processes. conceptClassifier for SharePoint provides automatic semantic metadata generation, automated classification, and taxonomy management that integrates with SharePoint 2007 to greatly improve the management of unstructured content.


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Thanh Nguyen
Senior Manager, Specialized Services Hitachi Consulting

conceptClassifier for SharePoint adds structure and value to the management of unstructured content. Any content uploaded, entered, or connected to SharePoint can be automatically tagged with rich semantic metadata, provided to the search engine index, and results in greatly improve search results. From the familiar SharePoint interface users can use taxonomy based navigation or faceted navigation. The taxonomy based navigation will present users with a hierarchical structure for browsing and searching relevant categories. Using the faceted navigation, the user will be presented automatically with clusters (or facets) that contain documents grouped according to the broad concept of the cluster or facet.

Automated classification ensures content is classified to a corporate standard, ensures governance, assists with retention, compliance, enhances the search experience, increases findability and reduces risk. The automatic classification feature is also used to build and maintain the corporate taxonomies. Classification results are integrated into the standard SharePoint interface. Designed for Subject Matter Experts, the taxonomy management is intuitive and easy-to-use.

conceptClassifier for SharePoint fully supports the use of Content Types to structure content and identify the type of document regardless of its physical site or library storage location. The ability to assign taxonomies to specific Content Types is also provided. Documents that correspond to the selected Content Types will be classified and documents that do not correspond to a content type or do not include some metadata elements that a specific content type has specified will not be classified.

Key features include:

  • Automatic ‘conceptual’ metadata generation.
  • Automated or automatic real-time classification of content regardless of where it resides.
  • Integration with Content Types to support and enhance records management and privacy.
  • Ability to identify unknown confidential content and privacy data and route to appropriate repository.
  • SOA compliant and delivered as Web Services.
  • Rapidly installed and easily managed.
An add-on feature, conceptContentTypeUpdater, includes the ability to update Content Types based on the identification of content during the classification process. This is particularly useful in records management and data privacy and security. This provides the ability to develop a series of actions (workflows) that can occur when content contains specific metadata as defined by the organization.  Watch a video on conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2007.