conceptClassifier for FAST for Internet Sites

Internet Search with Relevant Results

conceptClassifier supports a wide range of search applications including FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint (FS4SP) and FAST Search Server 2010 for Internet Sites.



“As the world’s largest collection of market research we needed a tool that could help unify and manage our product classification processes and deliver an enhanced client experience. We selected conceptClassifier and have found that everything we were told about the product was true.”

Dan Kilcoyne, Vice President, Product Strategy

The key benefits of the combined solution are:

  • FAST does not generate metadata, however conceptClassifier automatically generates conceptual metadata in the form of multi-word terms, keywords, and acronyms.  The metadata is then used by the FAST index to return results based on the concepts found within the content.  The combined solution enables search to be performed with greater accuracy as the ambiguity in single words is eliminated.
  • Eliminates manual metadata tagging as conceptual metadata will automatically be generated and classified as content is created or ingested making it immediately available to the FAST index.
  • Ability to provide accurate metadata filters such as numeric range searching, wildcard alphanumeric matching.
  • FAST does provide a hierarchical format for related topics during retrieval time analysis for the search results, but does not provide taxonomy features often required by FAST customers. conceptClassifier’s intelligent automated classification and taxonomy tools provide organizations the ability to develop a consistent structure to manage their content assets.
    • Eliminates vocabulary normalization issues across global boundaries through consistent controlled vocabularies (taxonomies)
    • Enables import of FAST Entities into the taxonomy tool to fine-tune them with metadata generated from the client’s own content and nomenclature
    • Taxonomy browse capabilities against the organizational taxonomies as opposed to within the context of the query
    • Organizations can secure and manage content in a policy-compliant manner

A FAST pipeline stage is available as an add-on component.  The Microsoft FAST product suite coupled with Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier delivers a compelling solution for organizations that need a robust search engine but also need more granularity in findability, need to add structure to content assets, and can solve other challenges in records management, compliance, and security.  conceptClassifier for SharePoint augments FAST to deliver more precise and relevant results.