Reduce Taxonomy Development & Management by 80%

conceptTaxonomyManager is a robust and powerful taxonomy management tool that is still unique in the industry. Developed under the premise that a taxonomy solution should be used by business professionals, and not IT or libararians, the end result is a highly interactive and powerful tool that has been proven to reduce taxonomy development by up to 80%.


“Concept Searching’s conceptTaxonomyManager provides our Subject Matter Experts with a user friendly web interface enabling the development of controlled vocabularies that can be used to filter search results and auto-classify content to folder structures.”

Air Force Medical Service

Key Features Include:

  • Automatic Conceptual Metadata Generation (Unique in Industry)
  • Auto-Classification
  • Taxonomy Clues used for scoring
  • Automatic Clue Suggestion (Unique in Industry)
  • Document Movement Feedback (Unique in Industry)
  • Taxonomy Workflow
  • Boosting Capabilities
  • Distributed Taxonomy Management
  • Auditing Features
  • Industry standard formats and taxonomies such as OWL and MeSH can be easily imported as well as any organizationally defined taxonomy
  • Platform Independent
Watch ‘Concept Searching’s Taxonomy Manager – Enterprise Class Taxonomy Management & Auto Classification’ video below.
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