Fast & Convenient Acquisition of Source Data

conceptSQL was developed to provide a fast and convenient method to acquire source data for documents held in relational databases for example Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. The easy-to-use configuration tool requires no programming.


“We pointed the search at all the repositories, both internal and external, added some bespoke functionality and then presented the information in the way that our lawyers told they wanted to see it.”

Catherine Flutsch, Head of Knowledge Management
Bird & Bird


conceptSQL enables a database administrator to connect to a database and select which tables and fields should be read and indexed for content. The two main components are conceptCollector and conceptIndexer. The conceptCollector service is run after conceptSQL has been configured for the first time. The conceptIndexer extracts database content and metadata according to the configuration settings such as access criteria, re-indexing frequency, inclusions and exclusions. Duplicate data checks, language detection and file type detection are used when the data is collected and indexed.

conceptSQL supports SQL 2005, SQL 2008, and SQL 2012. To read the product sheet, please here.