Concept Searching Suite

Innovative Technology Still Unique in the Industry

Concept Searching after ten years still has innovative technology that hasn’t been replicated.  The technologies deliver automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management. Concept Searching technologies are a unique, language independent technology and is the first content retrieval solution to integrate relevance ranking based on the Bayesian Inference Probabilistic Model and concept identification based on Shannon’s Information Theory.

The technologies are SOA compliant and delivered as Web Parts. Due to the SOA compliance and Web Services architecture we also support applications developed on any platform. The API is based entirely on Web Services and all information is exchanged in XML. The taxonomy formats are based on Web Ontology Language (OWL). Since the server is stateless is also works with all failover and load balancing hardware and software.

The Concept Searching product suite consists of the following products:

Our clients have deployed the software to address a wide range of business issues including: increased accuracy of search results; records management; compliance; governance; enterprise metadata management; sensitive information identification and protection; and migration.