Platform Overview

Since Concept Searching was founded, the product platforms were designed to address the needs of a wide range of clients to build and maintain an enterprise metadata infrastructure to improve any application that uses metadata. The technology is fully SOA compliant and delivered as web parts. It is built on XML standards, and offers interoperability between different platforms.

All product platforms contain the same core technology components, automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management tools. Used in conjunction with our Smart Content Framework™ organizations implement our products to provide the technology structure for information governance to improve search, records management, security, intelligent migration, text analytics, and social networking. All platforms are available in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment. Both conceptClassifier and Concept Searching Technology platforms are technology agnostic.

Product Platforms

conceptClassifier for SharePoint: conceptClassifier for SharePoint provides a complete solution to manage unstructured and semi-structured data regardless of where it resides. Utilizing our unique compound term processing technology, our award winning product conceptClassifier for SharePoint is still the only enterprise automatic semantic metadata generation and taxonomy management solution that natively integrates with SharePoint and solves a variety of business challenges through our concept identification capabilities.

conceptClassifier for Office 365: conceptClassifier for Office 365 is currently the only solution in the market that enhances search, automatically identifies documents of record, secures confidential information from unauthorized access, provides intelligent migration, and improves any business process that utilizes metadata.

conceptClassifier: conceptClassifier is Concept Searching’s technology platform deployed in a non-SharePoint environment using our published API’s. The technology is used in a heterogeneous environment and the API’s are provided to supply the automatically generated semantic metadata to any search engine index to enable concept based searching. The API’s are also used to integrate with any other system or application that uses metadata, such as content management systems and applications such as records management, data protection, and migration.

Concept Searching Technology Platform: The Concept Searching Technology Platform contains all the core components available in the other platforms. Concept Searching Technology Platform also includes Concept Searching’s high performance, scalable search engine, conceptSearch as well as conceptSQL.

Platform Components: This site page includes the Platform Matrix for all products, and add-on products such as conceptSQL, conceptSearch, conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, and details system requirements for all product platforms.