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Largest Bank in Japan Selects conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Concept Searching is pleased to announce that the largest bank in Japan has selected conceptClassifier for SharePoint. Offering personal, corporate, and investment banking they will be using the platform integrated with FAST to improve search capabilities.

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Intergovernmental Organization to Deploy conceptClassifier

An intergovernmental organization founded to promote international co-operation has selected conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow. The products initially will be deployed in SharePoint 2013 with the future objective of migrating to Office 365 to support 20k personnel globally. The project will also entail integration with Open Text.



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conceptClassifier Selected at the Town of Fishers

Town of Fishers is located in Fall Creek and Delaware Townships, Hamilton County, Indiana, United States, with a population of 76,794, according to the 2010 census will be deploying conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow to improve search on their intranet. Concept Searching has been highly successful with UK councils and regional public sector organizations where Concept Searching technologies have been able to address a broad range of needs internally as well as externally on public facing sites. Concept Searching welcome the Town of Fishers as our first US based local public sector client.

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Concept Searching Expands Executive Sales Team

Concept Searching is pleased to announce that Steve Mann has joined the team as Vice President of Sales. The addition of Steve to Concept Searching’s sales management team will provide additional depth and experience to accommodate Concept Searching’s rapid growth.

To read the press release, click here.

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Concept Searching Clients Represent SharePoint Best of Breed Organizations

Concept Searching is honored that two of its clients, Nottinghamshire County Council and West Sussex County Council, were participants in the Metalogix Best of Breed Showcase initiative, which culminated at the recent SharePoint Conference 2014.

Focusing on customers’ desires for more robust implementations, the objective of the Best of Breed Showcase was to highlight SharePoint organizations worldwide that exhibited a best of breed approach to solving unstructured and semi-structured challenges, leveraging SharePoint. The goal was to create expanded opportunities for industry collaboration, through leading-edge knowledge sharing forums and recognition of SharePoint ecosystems’ most inventive solutions.

“Nottinghamshire County Council, a finalist in the Best of Breed Awards, and West Sussex County Council, both stand out for delivering the highest business value and the most innovative and robust solutions to improve their organizations’ mission-critical SharePoint deployments. They fulfilled the program’s mission to increase community collaboration, share best practices and improve SharePoint deployments. We sincerely thank both organizations for allowing us to submit their achievements to the global SharePoint community,” commented Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching.

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Climbing the Slippery Slope of SharePoint Migrations

This is now a recorded webinar. Please access Recorded Webinars here.

In this webinar, a focus on both technical and business issues will be discussed. Portal Solutions will provide best practices and approaches based on its expertise, and will explore the business case for how migration adds value and delivers ROI. The key challenges that need to be overcome before migration, and the need for an understanding of the steps involved during the migration, will be shared with attendees.

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Concept Searching Announces Schedule of ‘How To’ Webinars

‘Popular How To’ Webinar Series to Focus on Office 365′

To access How To Recorded Webinars, please click here.

Concept Searching is pleased to announce the return of its popular ‘How To’ webinar series. 

Initiated in 2013, the popular ‘How To’ webinar series comprises fifteen minute product demos. These short, informative webinars typically look at business problems and how the Concept Searching product platforms solve the challenges. This year, the ‘How To’ webinars will focus solely on the conceptClassifier for Office 365 platform. Topics include:

How To Use Intelligent Migration in Office 365
How To Eliminate Security Exposures in Office 365
How To Address Records Management in Office 365
How To Use Taxonomies and the Term Store in Office 365
How To Deploy Enterprise Strength Search in Office 365

Please visit our <a title=”Upcoming Webinars” href=”” target=”_blank”>Upcoming Webinars</a> page to view all of our scheduled webinars.

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Concept Searching Metadata Survey Shows Growing Interest in Office 365

Concept Searching has completed its annual SharePoint Metadata Survey and first results indicate a growing interest in Office 365, but limited to deploying the product for collaboration only.

The Concept Searching second annual survey was completed by over 300 organizations using SharePoint and the objective was to determine how organizations are using metadata and/or the SharePoint Term Store to manage unstructured content. The survey questions sought to solicit feedback on how, or if, organizations were using metadata to drive applications such as search, records management, protection of privacy and confidential information, migration, and to a lesser extent applications such as text analytics, collaboration, and social content. The white paper containing the detailed results will be published in late March.

Based on initial results, Office 365 has not been embraced by a significant number of enterprises, although interest in the product is growing. For those who have deployed Office 365, or are in the process of doing so, across the board organizations limit the use of the product to collaboration. Of particular interest was a somewhat laissez faire attitude that using Office 365 for collaboration only was not a security or data privacy issue. In all responses, the respondees did not seem to recognize the same on-premise challenges also exist in the cloud as it applies not only to security, but records declaration and intelligent search.

To read the full Press Release, please click here.

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