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Research Firm Finds Their Solution in conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Concept Searching is pleased to announce that a highly respected research firm has selected conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow to improve information access on their SharePoint 2010 intranet. As a research firm, access to relevant information is a mandatory requirement to maintain the quality of their research.

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West Point Underwriters Deploying Concept Searching Metadata Framework

West Point Underwriters, an underwriting company supporting agents and brokers writing both mobile home and home insurance policies has selected conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow as the metadata framework on their SharePoint 2010 /2013 farm to provide a better internal search service and manage certain types of content underpinning their governance requirements. Phase two will be the external facing deployment allowing their agents and brokers to search for relevant content through their SharePoint portal in a secure manner.

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Concept Searching’s Most Widely Viewed Webinars of 2014

Concept Searching has compiled the list of its most watched webinars of 2014. Concept Searching webinars are often not product specific, but are designed to educate and inform participants on how enterprise metadata management can significantly contribute to reducing costs and bringing business advantages.

“We changed our webinar approach this last year, and it has proved very successful. In the past our webinars focused on product solutions, either ours, or our partners’. In 2014 we reduced our focus on our products, and offered webinars that were timely, industry pertinent, and educational,” commented Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching. “Feedback on these webinars has been very positive. Many business professionals lack an understanding of the capabilities of metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomies, regardless of product. These webinars provide an educational venue where people can attend, learn from industry recognized experts, or access the recorded webinars at their leisure,” he concluded.

To access our recorded webinars, please click here.

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Registration Now Open for Nottinghamshire County Council eDiscovery Webinar

This webinar has been recorded to view all recorded webinars, please click here.

The session will explore how Nottinghamshire County Council improved information access and discovered one of the many processes that can be improved by the Concept Searching technology platform. Nottinghamshire County Council is the UK’s 9th largest Council, with 18,000 staff, including 6,500 PC users. Lesley Holmes, Information Manager at the Council, will join John Challis, CEO and CTO of Concept Searching, to share why the technology was chosen and what it is being used for today.


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Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation Deploying conceptClassifier for Office 365 and OneDrive

Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), a US Government Agency, has selected conceptClassifier for Office 365 and conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business as their platform of choice. Systems integrator, CACI will assist PBGC by using the technology to intelligently migrate off of file shares, on-premise SharePoint, and Plumtree portal legacy systems to a full Office 365/OneDrive for Business platform.

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US Strategic Command Deploying conceptClassifier

The US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) is in the process of deploying conceptClassifier for SharePoint. Initially the platform will be used to deliver secure collaboration, sensitive information removal, identification of records to meet objectives aligned to the Command’s mission and goals.

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ShareSquared and Concept Searching Form Partnership

Concept Searching is pleased to announce that ShareSquared has entered into a partnership agreement with Concept Searching. ShareSquared delivers superior technology solutions that enable our customers to solve business problems pragmatically and cost-effectively. ShareSquared’s business industry experience is uncommonly broad. and they have provided services to an array of companies and business domains. Their expertise in Microsoft technologies has made them well known as a superior services provider.

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Covenant Technology Partners, LLC Joins Concept Searching Partner Team

Concept Searching is pleased to announce a partnership has been formed between Concept Searching and Covenant Technology Partners, LLC. Covenant Technology Partners, LLC is a leading information technology consulting firm that helps clients plan their investments in technology, design and implement solutions that drive competitive advantage, and manage critical projects to successful return. They are focused on maximizing the value of Microsoft technologies.They specialize in Financial and Banking, Legal, Retail and Consumer Goods, and Manufacturing. They have offices in Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO.

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